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War Stories Teaser + Need Voice Actors!

2012-08-08 09:53:50 by RedHotPoker

Why hello Newgrounds!

I am working on a new 3D animated series called "War Stories". Have a link =

And I need help!

I need voice actors, sound designers and musicians!

If you would be interested here is how you can get in touch with me.



If you would like a role in the series, just simply pick one of the classes from Team Fortress 2 and record yourself telling me a 30-60 second story as that character. It does NOT have to be an impersonation of the TF voice if you don't want, you can put whatever spin you want on it.

If you are interested email =

In the title of your email =

"VOICE - (which ever character you did a voice for) - (your own name)"

And attach the file.

Of course if you want multiple roles then you can apply for multiple roles =D



Send me a link to something you have designed the sound for. Simples. Be aware that there will be much gunfire and the like, so experience with that would be nice.

Email =

Title the email =

"SOUND DESIGN - (your name)"

And send whatever links you feel show your abilities.



Send me and example of your musical wizardry!

Email =

Title the email =

"MUSIC - (your name)"

And send me a link to your work.


Thank you very much for your time,

Adam Hyde

War Stories Teaser + Need Voice Actors!


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2012-08-08 13:23:33

I'll be sending a ton of emails soon....